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An ever-growing list of the best feminist films

This is not actually a film, although I have to say, if it WAS a film, I would totally watch it. Or just a film with that title (not sure what it would be about, though.) Here you go, then: a list of the best feminist films, which I will obviously be adding to as I watch more and more awesome films.

Muriel’s Wedding

Spirited Away

Sense and Sensibility

Hidden Figures

Steel Magnolias

To Walk Invisible



Ghostbusters 2016

Erin Brockovich

Mona Lisa Smile


Miss Hokusai

Their Finest

The Zookeeper’s Wife

Ghost World

The Midwife

Queen of Katwe



Beauty and the Beast

Into the Woods

Secrets & Lies


Thelma & Louise

Run Lola Run

Not Wanted

Monsters vs. Aliens

The Florida Project

Notes on a Scandal


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