A young person's guide to feminist films

Film reviews written by a young feminist


This is a film review blog that evaluates how feminist popular (and less popular) films are. In so many films, old and new, there are very few strong female characters: “strong” meaning that they are characters in their own right instead of simply being appendages to male characters. Each review will talk about how feminist the film is and if it has any disturbing moments. It will also give a short description of what the film is about (no spoilers!) and whether it passes the Bechdel test. For those who do not know what the Bechdel test is, it is a three-stage test that decides whether a film has even just the roots of feminism. To pass the test, the film must:

  1. Have at least two female characters,
  2. Who have at least one conversation,
  3. About something other than men.

I hope you enjoy the blog! From Chihiro46

(Note: the cartoon you can see above was drawn by Alison Bechdel, who gave her name to this test when she drew that bit of the comic. So now you know.)

PLEASE NOTE! With really great films I may reference the Magnolia Test (named after the film Steel Magnolias.) This is a test created by Hadley Freeman. Any film that passes this test is a true feminist film. To pass this test, a film must

  1. Have a cast (major characters) that is either largely or solely female
  2. These female characters talk about a thousand million things other than men
  3. And, most importantly, the relationship the women have with each other is more important than any they might have with a man.

Look out for these extra-awesome films! Enjoy!

An extra note: In case you were wondering why I mention the disturbing moments in a film. Well, if you’re as easily scared as I am, you’ll want to know before watching it, believe me.

An extra-extra note: if a film has nice music (and in my experience, films often do) then I will put a little icon at the bottom of the page that says so. Because, you know, why not?

An extra-extra-extra note (that just sounds ridiculous now): I also occasionally do reviews of TV series and miniseries under the title “Feminism and…” which basically evaluates feminism but over the course of all the episodes/seasons of a particular series.