What a sweet film- and just a week after I watched Pride. It seems I have a veritable glut of sweet films on my hands at the moment. This particular one’s about a couple, Ben and George, who get married after almost forty years together, but then George loses his job because he’s gay and they have to live apart for a while.

Is it a feminist film? No, but it’s not sexist either. You won’t hear me saying this very often, but this film makes up for its lack of female characters in its sheer humanity. There is basically only one important female character, Kate, who writes books and is faced by an incredibly relatable predicament when Ben, who is staying with her, won’t shut up while she’s trying to write. See! The astounding humanity of it! She is an emotionally complex character, like almost every other character in the film, but sadly has a lot of problems, the biggest of which may be being married to an idiot who sports possibly the worst hair I have ever seen in a film made after the year 1990. But apart from that, the female characters are pretty… diminutive.

Is it disturbing? One reviewer even warns us that “A teenager that yells at his parents”. That’s about as disturbing as it gets, folks (apart from the hair thing, of course, which may make you scream from pure terror and have to fish that dusty old stuffed panda out of the cupboard for companionship through the long, lonely nights.)

And… does it pass the Bechdel test? Yes. Yup. Yeah. Indeed.

Please note: this film is very beautiful and sweet and has lots of lovely piano music. I urge you to watch it.